Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Musings 13

     Sometimes I need a break from my blog, and I took it during December.  Many of us take mini-vacations from other things in life, such as diets, exercise, work, meetings, etc.  There is often nothing wrong with an occasional break, but the return to the former might be difficult.  Sometimes we do not return and the behavior/activity is discarded or lost for various reasons.
     This morning I read an article that touches on the state of our country (  Religious freedom was discussed, as well as our responsibility to understand the Constitution, the freedoms protected therein, and the need to communicate and defend what we know.
     When I was young I grew up attending a local Methodist church.  Church participation was well integrated into my family life......except in the summer.  Summer was vacation time, and my parents seemed to think that included church activities.
     At some point in time society began to take vacation from church.  Many factors were involved in this, one of which is the concept of taking a break from church attendance.  It did not seem important (another topic...).  Judging from the school experiences of my children, regular church attendees are rare now. Vacations became permanent breaks, and the generations following those vacationers don't understand why people go at all.  It is so bad that our religious freedom is slowly eroding.  A frightening prospect in this country!
     The word "remember" is repeated quite often in the Book of Mormon.  "O remember, remember..." often refers to our great blessings and what the Lord has done for us.  As a society we have forgotten.

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  1. It has been awesome to get caught up on your blog. I heard in a class once that we need to be so careful as parents because our "exception becomes their rule." You see this with church attendance, watching inappropriate movies, language, etc.


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