Monday, January 23, 2012


     I first tasted trifle while a college student at BYU.  For a couple of semesters I worked part-time as an early morning janitor and on Saturday mornings a fellow worker would bring in trifle for us to eat when we were done.  She learned how to make it while growing up in South Africa.  I also had a room mate about the same time who had learned to make trifle from a friend who had lived in South Africa.
     Both girls made trifle the same way.  It consisted of layered stale yellow cake, jello with fruit, and Bird's Eye custard.  Whipped topping could go on top.
      Nothing special...their trifle was pretty basic and plain, but it was delicious.  I loved it.  I think the special ingredient that made it different from the US version  was the Bird's Eye custard.  I found it here and have used it in past years; it has a distinctive flavor.
      Nowadays I will have to try a lower-carb version.  I think I will......sugar-free cake, raspberries,white chocolate sugar-free pudding (to die for) and some Cool Whip......or maybe I will splurge and have whipped cream.  Naughty!!!

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