Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twilight of the Dogs

     During Christmas break we visited my sister, her husband, and sons.  They also have a dog, a young female that is half and half beagle and basset hound.  She looks like a very large dachsund.  Her name is Cincy (named after Cincinnati) and she is a bundle of energy.
     Our dog Laddie was with us, and he is a much older Westie.....10, to be exact.  He has entered middle age and is not interested in chasing a crazed young female around a house.  But Cincy would like nothing better.  And so it went.....Cincy running and jumping all around Laddie while he stood patiently and endured it...up to a point.  Then the fangs came out and he bit her in the neck.  Enough said.
A quiet moment... Cincy is taking a break.  Laddie says that the bite has taken effect, judging by her eyes.

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