Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Music Nugget 40

     I just finished reading a blog article about the importance of teaching stillness to children.  It was thought provoking, and I have been pondering the importance of silence in music.
     I remember being told repeatedly by my private violin/viola teachers to wait longer at a dramatic pause in my music.  I've also had the experience of conducting a group and wondering if I waited long enough in a pause.  I have also listened to performers who don't wait long enough.  Our minds seem to play tricks on us at these moments; the silences seem longer than they are. And they are so uncomfortable.....what do you do during the silence?!
       I suppose scattered moments of silence are like coming home to a quiet house after being in a noisy workplace.  It might be unsettling.  Maybe it's like carefully planned areas of white in a colorful painting.  A needed break... 
      Stillness is reflected in nature.  I am thinking of the profound silence in the aftermath of a snowstorm, or the silence of night.  We are part of nature, and we need quiet time, too.  We need to learn how to cultivate those moments so we can benefit from them.

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