Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Delay

     This morning I went for a walk without my camera. I thought, why bother?  It's ugly outside-nothing but mist, mud and dead trees.  The snow is melting.  Depressing.
     On my way home something caught my eye.  It was a group of dried oak leaves that had hung to their tree all winter.  Their copper color was striking against the melting snow, gray mist and black trees.  I thought, oops...should have brought my camera.
     I wondered if it would be worth it to come back after my walk.  Maybe, but on the other hand, the moment might be lost.  I tried anyway, and sure enough, the beauty of the scene had faded.  Most of the fog had lifted by the time I got there, but I took a photo anyway (see below).
     If only I had been prepared.  How often do we get in our own way by having negative thoughts, poor judgments, lack of faith, and so forth ?!  If only I had tried to be hopeful and had an open mind!  Message to me is to have faith, even when things look bleak.  One never knows what is around the bend.

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