Monday, February 20, 2012

The Lambs

     Before living in Wisconsin sheep were animals I only read about... just cute, white animals that said "baaaaaaa".  Of course, I also had my black stuffed Dashee with me at bedtime.
     Several years ago, while visiting the sheep barn at the Wisconsin State Fair, I fell in love with  sheep.  They were so soft!  I loved feeling their wooly coats.  I also noticed that they did not all sound the same.  Some bleating is high-pitched, some low.  Some speak long syllables, some short.  The "aaa" sound varies, too.  I was enchanted with the sounds of sheep.
     I am having some TMJ issues and woke up very early due to pain.  I decided to add things to Pinterest to distract me, and my sheep board grew a bit.  In searching sheep images I discovered this cute blog post with a video called "Lamb Races".  Listen to the bleating!  So funny and cute!!

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