Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Boards

     This title refers to my Pinterest boards.  I am really enjoying making them!! 
     Just wanted to list some of the benefits that come from creating Pinterest boards....
1.     I have a quick visual reference to websites I like (each board item should have a link to the original source).  This means I can find recipes, craft ideas, decorating ideas, fashion ideas, etc. FASTER.  I don't have to hunt through a bookmark list looking for what might be the right link.  And I have a photo...
2.     I can follow boards of people with similar interests and "Repin" their finds, cutting down on my searching time.
3.     Sometimes I see something cool on the internet and forget about it because I have no place to "put it".  Now I can quickly "Pin it" to a board and have a quick future reference.  It's OK if I forget!
      Oh, this is really fun.  Yuh got to try it....

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