Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Music Nugget 46

     Finally, on February 24, we had substantial snowfall.  It has been a mild winter!  The snow is heavy and wet, perfect for snowballs.  And it is already beginning to melt.
     It was very beautiful this morning so I took a few photos, which are posted below.
     In honor of the snow I have posted a link to a little piece by Mozart called Sleigh Ride.  This work reminds me of my brief experience as an orchestral percussionist.  One of the orchestras I play in performed this work many years ago (2 or 3 times).  There are string parts for all except the violas.  So---what do you do to violists who have nothing to do?  Teach them to play sleigh bells.
     It was decided to give the jingle bell part to the first stand of violas, which consisted of me and my stand partner. At last I had something to do........HAH!!!!!  Just listen to my part of 1-2-3,1-2-3, etc. ad infinitum.  A viola waltz part is more interesting...and less conspicuous.  Mozart should have known better (after all, he played the viola).
     Link  is here (oh...the FABULOUS bells begin about 42 seconds in)... 

Our new snow-tree garage


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