Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yummy Dessert

     Yesterday I decided to bake a Valentine's Day cake using almond flour instead of white flour.  It was wonderful.  I served it with raspberries and sugarfree white chocolate pudding to which I added almond extract.  In the end it didn't really need anything else.
     The cake is basically almond flour, divided eggs (beaten whites are the leavening), sugar, and butter.  I added some Mexican vanilla, but next time it will be almond flavoring.  I also reduced the sugar a little bit (2-3 TBLSP).  I baked it in a heart shaped pan (about 9") and sprinkled the top with a few salad candied almond slivers.  The texture was great....very moist and fine-grained.  Delicious......and the house smelled great while it was baking.  A lovely cake.  I want to try it again with Splenda or a Splenda/sugar mixture.
     I recommend serving it plain, with maybe a dollop of whipped topping and/or raspberry jam  (low-sugar).
     There is a variety of recipes online; the one I used is pretty simple.  The link is below.  Sorry no pics....we ate late yesterday and today it is just too messy!!   My Pinterest board has some almond flour baked products under the Good Food category...check these out.  My next project will be muffins.
     Oh....why almond flour?  My husband and I count carbs, and almond flour is much, much lower in these than regular flour.
     The link...

     Forgot this....where do you get almond flour?   You can make it yourself in a blender or food processor, but I used Uncle Bob's almond flour ( powder).  This is the grocery store brand that has all kinds of whole grains, cereals, oddities, etc./ comes in clear plastic bags. is expensive (but worth it).  I found it in a BIG grocery (Woodman's in Milwaukee area).  Might also try a health food store.

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