Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trying to See Through God's Eyes

     Sometimes I love my age.  My mind and body are settling down, and one of the perks is that I can see more of the big picture.  I'm beginning to see the forest rather than the trees, and occasionally I catch a glimpse of what is beyond the edge of the woods. 
     Many will say that there is nothing beyond this forest of life.  Perhaps no one taught them about any other place, or maybe they don't care.  Some just don't believe it exists.
     Our personal beliefs and attitudes can not determine what lies beyond the forest, just as they have no effect on absolute truths. Assuming the existence of such, God is either real or imagined, and our opinion does not effect which is true. 
     If He is real, what we think effects our relationship with God.  In light of this, it behooves each of us to learn about God and to keep an open mind during the process.  How to go about this...well, the same way we learn about other things.  We go to a good source, read, listen, study, and follow any suggested process to expedite our search.  It seems to me that this is the only way to find answers to our questions, and this is what Scriptures teach.  This is part of exercising faith.
     Guess this is heavy stuff for a Tuesday morning....so what triggered this?  Sometimes I get really tired of cynical attitudes.  I think cynacism is cyanide.....poison for our minds/spirits.  We take it in a little bit at a time, often in daily doses from the news, well-meaning friends, schools, businesses, work, families, and more.  It's often disguised in a sophisticated package, full of  intellect, education, beauty, and charisma.   In small doses the effect is subtle, and we don't recognize it as poison.  Pretty soon we become infected with the same cynacism.
     What can we do?  I believe part of the remedy is learning about God and living in accordance with His suggestions for a happy life.  It means exercising trust and faith in the Lord.  We must fill our minds/spirits with a search for Him. This will provide a way out... a light in which the poison will be revealed, a powerful antidote!

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