Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Musings 19/ Favorite Sounds

     I teach 8-9 year old children at church, and I had a fun experience today.  When the senior Primary met (all children ages 7-11), they were asked make a thankful list.  To do so, we were each given a sheet that had a list of word prompts associated with our five senses, such as see and hear.  We  were asked to write one favorite for each.  This was supposed to help the children come up with ideas and feel thankful.
     I participated with them and found it to be an enlightening experience.  Very simple but revealing!  I decided to post a few of my responses to the what I like to hear other than music (a no-brainer for me).  Super loves in italics.
     Water...waves, fountains, waterfalls
      Catbirds...and any similar bird
      Finches, orioles, and the rose-breasted grosbeak...and cardinals
      Owls, especially in winter
      Fans at night
      I adore the sound of wind blowing through pine trees.
      Thunder...the milder booms.
      The crunch of fall leaves while walking
      Certain speaking voices (my husband has a great one)
      Soothing, hypnotic voice (I love to listen to Martha Stewart teach)
      Pastoral oboe music when my stomach hurts
      Elly Ameling's recordings
      Stringed instruments (like my viola)
      The sound of the word "Crisco".  Just love that word when it is said slowly.  Weird, I know.
      Leaves rustling in the wind.......especially cottonwood trees.  Reminds me of the lake.
      The sound made by pebbles hitting a lake, or fish jumping out.
      Dock sounds
      Motorboats in the distance
      Bagpipes (love them!!)
      The sound of a campfire...or fire in a fireplace
      Guess that's enough for now.  It does help me feel grateful!   Try it!

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