Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Musings 20/ Hole in the Bucket

     Do you know the song There's a Hole in my Bucket ?  I was reminded of it a few weeks ago during my morning walk.  While listening to my IPOD, the Billy Joel song A Thousand Years came on. Joel uses this tune in his song.  As I heard it I felt impressed that I had a hole in my bucket.  I thought about this for a while, and I guess it's true.
     I suppose all of us get holes in our buckets.  We become drained physically, emotionally, spiritually, you name it.  It just happens sometimes, despite our best intentions.
     There are many ways to repair the holes, depending on what caused them.  My hole was emotional and spiritual, and I knew that I needed to improve personal scripture study and prayer.  I needed to be more diligent and/or organized in my daily work.  And so on.  But it was like pulling teeth to do so!
      I think the hole is finally disappearing, in response to three things in particular.  First, better scripture study.  For me that means more, and with focus.  Second, gratitude.  Gratitude seems to soften the heart; it prepares us to receive communications from heaven.  This is a BIG one!  Last, a little help for chemical imbalance...DoTerra's Balance oil.  Seems to keep me from getting too wacko, as I call my moodier self.  I had forgotten. SO my hole is on the mend......maybe I can get back to blogging more!!

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