Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bluebird of Happiness continued

    This morning I saw them again-that little flock of bluebirds I saw last week.  So beautiful on such a gorgeous morning!  I recalled seeing two full rainbows in the last month, and optimistic feelings at times about my future.  To me these events are what is referred to as  "tender mercies of the Lord"; little things that have special meaning to me and seem like personal gifts from God.
     In the past few months I have been pondering happiness and free agency (free agency being the power to choose).  Some of us have struggles with our moods and attitudes, myself being one of them.  In the past I have often felt powerless to pull myself out of a funk or to disconnect from negative thoughts.  My little roller coaster continues, but the climbs and descents are smaller and shorter.  This has enabled me to get a better picture of what is going on, and I am getting more control.  I  see progress, and I figure that if I can see it, I must be getting better.
     I think all of this is closely tied to faith in God and true principles.  If we believe and do what is right, things work out.  A lot of the details "mattereth not" (my new mantra).
     Another concept I have been thinking about is contention.  Contention could take up a large post and then some, but today I just want to mention that it is destructive.  It can trigger anxiety, anger, negativity, nasty criticism, judgmentalism, and more. It feeds on itself.  It can be explosive. Reacting to contention or becoming part of it takes away inner peace, and can even disrupt events.  It sucks our faith dry.  Sucks it right out of us.  It is very bad, and a very "big deal".  It is a negative energy source.
     On the other hand, true unity is a positive energy source which is more intense and powerful than contention.  For me, an interesting comparison is the difference between nuclear fission (contention) and fusion--unity (I'm not a scientist...hope this makes sense). 
     Oneness with God is the ultimate unity, I think.  For me that means feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost.  The more I can do that and the more I want it, the less desire for contention I have, and the more peace and love toward others I can feel.  It means focusing more and more on uplifting thoughts and less on contentious ideas and events.  It means less worrying.  It means choosing peace and having faith.

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