Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hitty Hatty 1

     I am redoing some photographs and listing new items in my Hitty Hatty shop.  One of the new items is a bag made out of recycled fabrics.  The diamond patterned fabric below is from a felted wool sweater; the red lining is recycled wool. The pieces were fused together before the bag was sewn, giving it structure.  I used my own pattern.
     The brown bag is cut from another felted wool sweater.  I added wool leaf applique to both sides. It is SO cozy and soft!  It is what I would call a Hobo lining, no stiffness.  I think it could double as a kind of hand muff on a cold day...a cozy place for hands to warm up!  I did not use a pattern for this bag.  I will be listing it this week...check my shop for bag sizes.


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