Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Bluebird of Happiness

      My mother loved birds and passed her enjoyment of them to me.  When I was young I received a large picture book of birds, which I spent a lot of time perusing.  I loved nature hikes in school, and became pretty knowledgeable about basic birds.
      One of my favorites always eluded me.  The bluebird.  I have never seen one I could identify.  Until this morning, while on a parkway walk (and I didn't bring my camera....!!!).
     While walking the dog I spied a beautiful blue color to my left; it was a bird.  It perched in a crabapple tree, and I walked a bit closer.  It was still.  I could hardly believe my eyes...it looked like a classic eastern bluebird.  And then I saw that there was not one, but a small flock, males and females!  They seemed to be paired up.  They remained long enough for me to listen and get a good look.  So sweet and so pretty!!
     When I got home I did some research on the computer to verify what I saw, and they were definitely eastern bluebirds.  While reading I found some wonderful stories/symbolism about these birds.  My favorite is native American.  I have included a link below; go to the section "bluebird symbolism in America"

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