Sunday, September 2, 2012


     Right now my life is transitioning.  As we help one of my sons and his friend prepare to go off to BYU-ID, I am aware that all my family is transitioning right now.  My husband and I will soon be empty nesters, my oldest is job hunting and just moved his little family, and my youngest is in the Provo MTC learning Russian for a major change of life in October, when he goes on an LDS Mission.  Both my husband and I have work challenges right now, with possible changes of one kind or another in the future.  I guess it's a bit crazy and stressful at times.
     I keep reminding myself that I need to look forward with faith.  So far I'm faring pretty well, but I expect to crash after the boys leave home.  Busy, busy...I must keep busy!  Move ahead...push forward!  My composition of life is in a development section right now, and lots of musical material is being played with; inversions, extensions, unexpected pairings, etc., with a few moments of silence.  For dramatic effect, or to breathe?!  Soon it will come to a climax.  Will the climax be traumatic, joyful, a relief....what?  And then life goes on.
     So I try to connect spiritually and hold on.  Right now life is a fast ride through new territory....a lot for this aging woman!!  I do not know what I would do without the spiritual guidance I have felt....that still, small voice (feeling) that stabilizes, comforts, and directs me at times.  I have experiences many "small" miracles.
     Next week I should have some quiet of those silences.  Hopefully I will be able to initiate some changes, including my Etsy shop!

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