Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote musing

      Must write about this!  I just voted, and it was the most wonderful voting experience I have ever had.  I will venture to call the experience sweet.  I feel so happy and excited...I don't quite understand this since it is not my normal state of being (I'm a worrier). Wow!
     It was sweet for several reasons, one of which I will share.  Whether Romney wins or not, I have lived to see a good Latter-day Saint be nominated for the presidency of the United States, and I had the opportunity to vote for him, taking many factors into consideration beyond his membership in the Mormon church.  I feel very good about my decision,  REALLY good!!
     Last night I attended my first political rally (my ears are not happy about it...).  It was for Paul Ryan.  I have been very impressed with him.   I was also impressed with the well-behaved crowd that was there.  The people around me seemed like good people.  One funny observation....there were lots of tall people there!  Odd, huh?!  I am tall myself, and not used to being only average height.  Had to go up on my tip-toes a few times.  Ha!
    Well, enough.  Go vote!

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