Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mr. Crabby Appleton

          I have a confession to make.  I am feeling very cranky this Christmas.  I don't want to decorate, cooking is a chore,  I don't want Christmas music,  and I am often feeling out of sorts.  Just plain cranky and grumpy at times.  Like Mr. Crabby Appleton (anyone remember Kaptain Kangaroo?) or the Grumpus Under the Rug.  That's me.
     Maybe it's a reaction to the difficult November election and Sandy Hook.  Maybe it's the stresses of this season.  Maybe it's because my hubby and I are empty nesters and all I  want to do is run away and have an adventure.  Maybe it's all of these.  Guess I feel kind of like my photo above.  Ugh.
         Nobody ever told me that when your children are gone from home you will want to start life over.  I always thought you missed your children and pined away for them, and that you needed to find other meaningful things to do with your life (especially SAH moms).  Well, I feel like I have been let out of JAIL!!  The funny thing is, I never felt I was in a jail.  Weird, huh?
         One of my sons and his friend are here for Christmas break from college, and I'm glad to see them, but I still feel like taking off with my hubby and going on an adventure.  I have a serious case of "ants in my pants", so to speak.  And the feeling is very powerful at times.  I didn't know I could still feel this way about something at my age.  I want to go exploring, see new towns, roam the plains and do some hiking!! 
        So I try to step up to my responsibilities, be good, make music, and generally go through the motions of what I am supposed to be doing.  But my heart is often wandering elsewhere, wondering what the future will bring.

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