Monday, January 28, 2013

Cleaning Tip 2

      This tip came from my apartment roommate  many, many years ago.  She suggested that we each clean our bathroom sink each time we used it.  I tried it and liked the tip.  It usually took a few seconds to do this, my sink at least looked clean all the time, and heavier cleaning was simple.  It became a habit, and I still do it.
      I am keeping up with my shower cleaning tip from last year.  It is becoming a habit, and the shower never looked so clean!  This really works for me.
      Now.....I wonder how I can keep up on dusting.  Maybe I will try leaving my duster out in the kitchen where it is visible and easily accessible.
      Another trick that helps remind me to the bathroom I leave a few cleaning supplies on the counter instead of hidden under the sink.  They are in a nice container from which they are easily grabbed.
      I also splurge and buy cleansers that smell good, look good, and work.  Some of them are not harsh (I like Meyers)  and I might eventually switch completely to these.  They are better for the environment and they don't bother my nose.  Cleaning is more pleasant now!
      Why these tips?  I hate the discipline of cleaning on a regular basis.  I seem to expend all that energy on other things, such as practicing.  Now that my kids are gone from home I am not as overwhelmed and I'm actually becoming interested in improving my cleaning skills.  Also, I am aging and my body is happier if I do things little by little instead of occasional giant cleaning sprees. I have less injuries!  I'm improving bit by bit......there's hope for me!
       Now....if only I could transfer this desire to paperwork..........

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