Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cleaning Tip

     In January I catch the cleaning/organizing bug.  Yesterday I spent a few hours working in my office.  Soon the Christmas decos will be packed away.  After that it will be time to purge files.
     The bug doesn't extend to cleaning shower walls.  Spray cleaner on, wait, and rinse was my as little scrubbing as possible.  That causes tennis elbow to flare up.
     I have found a solution.  I don't think it is anything new, but I have been slow to embrace it. It's very simple--clean a little bit each day while showering.  Keep a brush and cleaner in the shower with you and clean small sections at a time.'s always clean with very little effort.  A side benefit is that the bending under hot water helps my back.  My elbows have been happier; I can scrub for a while without irritating them.  And it's fun.  Really. 

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