Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hitty Hatty 2, Scarf Hoop Art

     Last year I did some experimenting with hoop art and discovered that scarves can be recycled as such.  The wooden embroidery hoop below was filled with part of an old scarf which was then embroidered with French knots in the center.  Kind of cool, I think, and very easy to make.
     The materials are cheap.   JoAnn Fabrics is a great source.  I have also found good deals at Ebay and Etsy.  If you need a scarf, check out your local thrift shop, or maybe a friend has an old scarf for you.
      I plan to try pieces of old neckties in small hoops (3-4").  These might look cool as a wall grouping.  Might make a nice gift for a male.

Click to enlarge

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