Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday Musings 21

    Well, it's a day late...
     Yesterday I had an experience that rattled me.  I have been feeling inceasingly anxious ever since, and have felt myself start down the path of worry and depression.  I found an article this morning that reminded me of the need to move forward in my life...move forward with faith. 
      My elementary school years occurred during the Cold War.  There was talk of bomb shelters, possible nuclear war, and the dangers of radioactive fallout.  TV had periodic announcements about what to do in case of an attack and how to protect yourself from fallout.  I remember worrying about these things.
       I have a memory of one day in particular.  As I was walking to school I remember being scared that I would not get home again.  What if a bomb goes off while I am in school?  What kind of protection is there?  For that matter, how protected is my home?   It was depressing--a dark morning.
       Even though many years have passed since then,  these fears occasionally surface.  I recognize the anxious fear.  It tugs at my emotions and sometimes pulls me off course.  Focusing on my LDS faith helps me overcome my fears.  I have spiritual tools such as prayer and Scripture study to strengthen me.
       In addition to these things, it is faith promoting to see what the Lord has done in my life.  Today I am remembering that the girl who heard weekly Soviet  threats now has a son serving a mission in Russia and a Russian/Ukrainian stand partner in a local orchestra.  I enjoy all the Russian people I have met, and this has brought me joy.  Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought these things would happen.  They were unthinkable. 
       These blessings remind me of how the Lord is personally involved in each of our lives.  Right down to the details.  It also reminds me that His knowledge is far beyond ours; in fact, there are no words for it.  Maybe all-encompassing or eternal.  So it is important to worship him through faithfulness and have hope that everything will work out.  Just hold on...hang in there!  You never know what surprise blessings are around the corner.

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