Friday, March 29, 2013

I won!

     I have been entering a weekly team contest sponsored by the Etsy team called nonteam challenge for many, many months.  I've had a few honorable mentions, but this week I'm the winner (  To participate in  the contest,  members make a themed treasury which must include a particular inspiration item of the winner's choosing--mine this week. Next week I pick the new winner.
     This challenge has always been a favorite activity of mine, but when you are on the winning end it is a very different experience.  I am learning a lot, which I will briefly sum up in my winner announcement post at nonteamchallenge.  Just one thought is delightful to see how many different ways one item can be treasured.  Mind-boggling, and heart warming!
     I'm about ready to leave home for a few days....and a brainworm entitled "On the Road Again" is playing in my head (I wish I liked the song....).  So glad I will have access to the computer so I can review entries......
     Here is the link to the nonteamchallenge entry thread if you are interested.  My inspiration item is the purple heart.
     I'm having such a good time!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Great link

     I found this Facebook page via one of my sons, a student at Brigham Young University Idaho.  It is uplifting...especially when I realize the comments are by college students!

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