Friday, May 17, 2013

Music Nugget 59/ A True Confession

     When I was young and my dad was driving us someplace, he would purposely accelerate a bit when going up hills on country roads so we could feel the cool tummy feeling that happens when you descend.  I loved that feeling! We would ask him to do it whenever we saw a big hill coming.  It was so much fun.
     Sometimes I get a similar feeling when I listen to music.  An unexpected harmony or key change often triggers it. My tummy flutters, and maybe I get chills.  So cool!!
     Today I'm sharing my favorite Piano Guys song because it does the tummy thing to me.  I love the Coldplay song featured patient and wait for it.  Better than French Silk Pie!  This song would be fabulous to listen to when driving ( your speedometer).

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