Wednesday, May 15, 2013

P.I. and Loving It

     It was a short night so I gave up on trying to sleep and searched the news as a distraction.  I read about Benghazi and the IRS scandal.  I listened to testimony I have missed.  I listened to opinions.  I even studied body language in hopes of that shedding some light on who might be telling the truth, or not. 
     I'm not sure I know much more than I did before last night.  And I certainly do not know who to believe (most of the press being way up on my list).
     I have been thinking about the directions our society has gone since I was a young adult in the hippie years.  It's not a pretty picture.  Morality has slowly eroded just about everywhere, including  even churches where it should be upheld. 
     Accompanying many of the current popular philosophies is the label "politically correct".  It seems to me that this phrase is a fancy way of labeling something "accepted by popular people".  Perhaps it is a label for whatever reflects the latest standard of right and wrong. In any case, it is manmade and shifts like sand.  Being "politically correct" is kind of like accepting the same standards as the popular cliques from your high school days.  Of course, the culturally elite disguise it by trying to make it sophisticated. We are supposedly all adults now.
      A prime example is the fashion world. What I call the "slut look" is popular.  To prevent too much of an extreme, it has been tamed down for the average person.  Traits of the style, like deeply cut necklines and body hugging clothing, have been  incorporated into department store clothing in an acceptable "politically correct" style fit for the average person.  The style has been "disguised"  with sophistication for the fashionably elite.  But it still is reminiscent of the slut look (I find it interesting that women's fashion has eroded to this after all the women's lib hype of the 70's).
     What ever happened to God?  Oh, I know...he has been redefined into something more "politically correct".   Mankind has decided we know who God is better than He does.  He has been redefined by the culturally elite or eliminated.  If God doesn't fit the agenda, just get rid of Him.  Afterall, He is only a figment of the imagination--a nice fable.  Or...better yet...let's include the parts of him we like.  Love is good. The more we love, the better.  Love is politically correct.  It's OK to believe in a Love God.  Love should not be controlled by restrictive rules, either.  Everyone should be free to express whatever kind of love they want to.  That is politically correct.
     This reminds me of raising children.  I love my children.  I love them enough to teach them that certain things are dangerous and certain things are wrong (I think we can all agree that stealing and lying are wrong).  Teaching rules and discipline is part of loving parenting.  If we break the rules as adults, what does that teach our children?  Why did we bother to teach them at all?  I think we did because we know deep down that some things are just wrong and will ultimately harm those we love.       
      I think belief and faith are what we should be concerned about, rather than what is politically correct.  By the way, who decides what is politically correct?  The only answer I have come up with is the media.  Why do we let that have such an influence? What authority does the media have to tell me how to live my life? And I certainly would not go there for an example to emulate, at least generally speaking.
     I'm happy being politically incorrect.  I would rather let God be the measuring stick of whether or not something is acceptable.  God is real....this I know.  I don't just believe, I know. 

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