Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Downspout

     Spring has finally come to Wisconsin.  April was cold, gray and rainy.  May has been drier and warmer, and along with daffodils and tulips came the robins.  One pair decided to set up housekeeping near the back of our house.
     Every year we  have at least one robin's nest on our property.  Most of them are vulnerable to attacks and usually lose their eggs.  Last year was a good year.  Why couldn't they have put their nest in the same place again?  Instead the nest was built at the top of a downspout near a backdoor.
     We use this door.  I discovered the nest after enduring mad chirping and a few dive-bombing attacks.  My husband suggested we get rid of the nest because it would fall in the next heavy rain.  I said no....I couldn't bear the thought of driving the parents away by touching the nest.  So we endured the dive-bombs.
     Then it rained.  I checked the nest and it had moved to the edge.  The next morning it had moved to the ground.  Empty.  Two babies with hardly any feathers lay dead nearby.  Oh, so sad!!
     Such is life sometimes.  We do our best and things just fall apart.
     Well, I'm going to bed.  I'm tired and this post is rather depressing, isn't it?  It's supposed to be spring!

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