Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekly Music Nugget 58

     A constant in my life has been my love of music.  When very young I would hum and hum and hum, driving everyone around me crazy.
     When I was in first grade I had a teacher who thought I was on the slow side mentally and "backward".  She took it upon herself to break some of my bad habits and teach me new ones.  She broke me of calling people "honey",  humming during art, holding my pencil wrong, and climbing steps incorrectly.  She did not , however, affect my love of music (or my pencil hold....I still prefer my way).  I hummed and hummed at home.
     My mother exposed me to all kinds of music.  We danced to her piano playing, listened to the radio at breakfast and in the car, listened to my dad's Four Freshman records, danced to Disney, Bozo on the Farm, and the Nutcracker, heard records of several musicals, watched Leonard Bernstein on TV, heard Peter and the Wolf and Tubby the Tuba, watched my mother clean to Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite, and soaked up Richard Strauss, Tschaikovsky, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, and Beethoven.  We listened to her sing and heard recordings of Mahalia Jackson; we were taken to ballet, symphony and orchestra concerts.  I'm sure there was more....but that covers a lot.
     I soaked it all in.  I began violin lessons when I was nine, and fell in love with the violin.  When I was 19 I switched to the viola and found that to be a better match for me.
     I love my viola!  It has been a long journey, and it continues.  I am so grateful to still be able to play and grow as a musician.  I am so grateful for the deep desire to do so which still periodically flares, and I wonder how I can still feel it after all these years.  Oh, sometimes that feeling is so deep! It's a a gift from the Creator himself.

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