Friday, June 14, 2013

Flag Day

     Well, I feel like a doofus!  The flag has been heavily on my mind for about a week, and yesterday I began thinking about the Fourth of July.  This morning I suddenly remembered that Flag Day is this month.  Which day, my aging brain thought?  Oh my...TODAY.  Our beautiful flag is now flying in front of our house.  What timing!
     It's interesting to read and observe how Flag Day is remembered.  It's one of the "quiet holidays", I suppose.  In my initial scanning of internet news, I found little about  it (hopefully that is due to my selection of news sources).  I think a  reminder of what the flag stands for would be in order right about now.  Maybe some feel ashamed of our country in light of the scandals, but ignoring Flag Day just perpetuates our feelings and sends a very negative message.  A better plan is to honor the flag in hopes of encouraging us.  The flag has rich symbolism which can inspire (  We need to express our support and love for the great principles upon which the USA was honoring our flag.
     This holiday is not given much more than a head nod by too many people (I didn't even remember, while posting about the flag!!). I hope I'm wrong. In fact, the most recent flag news I heard was a report yesterday of an HGTV program suggesting to use it as a tablecloth (  Appalling (HGTV has since apologized, although I think some restaffing might be in order) !!
     So if you are a US citizen, fly the flag today! 

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