Saturday, June 15, 2013

My take on The Man of Steel

     Yesterday I saw the new Superman movie, Man of Steel.  I found it to be well worth my time.  It had good acting, great messages and a good pace (except for the Armageddon scenes which were much too long and violent).  It  took the viewer through some of Superman's memories via flashbacks, and shed light on how his parents, upbringing and personal choices helped him grow into Superman.  I loved that part of the movie.
     I always read critiques of movies before I go.  If there are many poor reviews, I avoid the movie.  Superman had a mix of both.  After seeing the movie, I think some of the audience loved the Christopher Reeves movies and were not prepared to like anything different.  I also think some of the critics are cynics and will never understand the importance of spiritual messages that filled this movie.  There were many.  It explores the strength that comes from faith, morality, and  good, faithful parenting.  It explores the power of choices.
     Some critics have used the word brooding to describe Clark Kent.   I did not find him to be brooding.  I think Clark is a heavier, deeper character than in the other movies, and I thought he was successfully portrayed. An added bonus is that Henry Cavill makes a terrific Superman in my opinion; I found him an improvement upon Christopher Reeves.
     The movie has some bad language but no sexual content.  Frankly, I don't remember much about the language, which means it was not a big deal for the most part.  And I hate lots of swearing and vulgarity.  What I did object to was the violence which was intense and lasted too long.  I periodically closed my eyes.  I think several minutes of it could have been cut out and the movie would still have been powerful.
     If you want a lightheated fun movie, don't go to this one.  If you want something deeper that inspires with strong moral messages and leaves you in a state of wonder, try this one.  I left feeling powerful and glowing.  I want to fly!

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