Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Flag

    I love the flag of the United States of America.  It's a deep love, almost a burning inside. The flag is more than a symbol of my country; it is a symbol of the godly principles upon which it was founded.  It is a banner of liberty.
    Where does all this come from? Some of it is from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning at school when I was growing up.  When you memorize something well, it becomes a part of you.  If it expresses true principles, you are strengthened.  Some of it is because my mother loved our country and flag and shared that with me.  My father fought in WW II and loved this country deeply, enough to run for local political office many years ago.  He also took my family to Washington DC when I was 12.  While there we toured the White House, had lunch with our congressman and took in other sites.  I suppose the rest comes from my testimony of God and principles of Truth.  The flag resonates with these.
     Recently I decided to do some internet research about the symbolism of the flag.  I needed a refresher course.  I came away greatly enriched (for another post, another time).  For now, what I know is that the flag will always fly.  It will fly because of what it stands for, and because there will always be good people who will rally to its message.  It will always be in my heart, the best place of all for it to fly.
     I wonder how many of our leaders in Washington feel this way, and if they have forgotten, can they feel so again?  I want my leaders to feel what I feel about the USA. It's a precious gift.  I daresay many have forgotten.

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