Tuesday, July 2, 2013


     This morning I read a wonderful blog post about the LDS family proclamation (https://www.lds.org/topics/family-proclamation).  I think it does a nice job of defending the importance of families and defending what is now termed traditional marriage (http://wellbehavedmormonwoman.blogspot.com/2013/05/familyproclamationdoctrine.html).
     One of my sons attends Brigham Young University-ID and is taking two online classes while on summer break.  One of them is about this proclamation  When I first saw the title of the class, I wondered how the proclamation, a one page declaration of material that seems pretty straightforward and basic, could occupy an entire semester.  Then I saw his textbook.  I was pleasantly shocked at the amount of material in his big book.  There are articles and research about just about every aspect of family life.  It takes the study of families to a much deeper level than I ever experienced in any related class when I was at BYU many years ago.
     As I pondered this, it became clear to me that students who take this class will be well-armed to defend the LDS church views of marriage/family in a world that seems to be insistent on changing them.  They will not only have the proclamation explained, but will have been exposed to research which strengthens and supports it.
     While I consider this class to be a great blessing to my son, it is sad that the need for such exists. It's one more sign that society is moving father and farther away from God.  Now even basic, godly accepted practices are being redefined into something society thinks is more fair, equal or loving.
     The Lord never said life would be fair.  I don't think it has been fair to anyone.  We all have or will have our share of unfairness, offense, bigotry, etc.  It will never be completely taken away in this life.  What matters is how we handle it.  Part of this is the fight to lessen inequality, etc., but it should be done in at least in the framework of the Ten Commandents (I wonder how many people even know these).  To redefine God's commandments is to reject Him.  And what follows is what is happening now.
     Love.  I have read many comments about support for gay marriage because the issue is about love.  Love rules.  Each person should have the opportunity to be married to whomever they wish, no matter what.
     This attitude about love really bothers me.  First, it implies that to be against gay marriage is to be against love.  What a bunch of hogwash. Since when do many Americans care this much about heterosexual marriage?  Look at the divorce rate and the number of couples living together without marriage.  Such a mess!  Oh wait...on second thought, I suppose that's the very reason society doesn't care about who marries whom.  We've given up respecting marriage.  Maybe that says it all.
     Real love involves discipline, respect, endurance, kindness, faithfulness, etc. It can flourish when worship and love of God are included. Real love in relationships is failing.  It seems to me that we need to be trying harder to improve our own relationships, all over this self-indulgent nation.  We can't make 50% of traditional marriages work; what makes us even entertain the idea of gay marriage in this kind of climate?  This is nuts!
     Well, I'm finished....it's turning into a rant.  I don't want to rant...not good for my health!   And I'm out of time.

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