Saturday, July 6, 2013

First you're up and then...boom!

   What a crazy morning.  It had a lovely beginning; I took a walk on the parkway and found the conditions to be perfect for God rays.  It was a little bit misty, and the sun was at just the right height for beautiful rays of light to periodically shine through the woods along the road.  I had my camera, so I took several photos (see below).
     When I got home I decided to do some weeding.  I grabbed the giant clippers and went off into the backyard.  The grass was high, waiting to be mowed today.  Then my right foot found something hiding in the tall grass...the hole from where a tree had been removed many years ago.  Down I went.  Oh-oh, I thought.....I can't break this leg is twisting.....that REALLY hurt.....BOOM.  I had landed.  I immediately remembered a bad fall in 1993 in which I broke my other leg just above the ankle; I could not put any weight on it for 6 weeks (and my youngest was a 6 month old baby....!!!).  Oh please, not that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     I had my cell phone and called my family for help.  Looks like nothing is broken (PHEW!!), but I won't be doing any morning walks for quite a while (bummer.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  I can hobble, so it could be worse.  I suppose I will monitor my poor wrenched leg in the next few days, but at least I can put my full weight on it in certain positions.  So now I sit here telling the story.  Such is life!
     Hopefully this isn't catching when you see my pics......

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