Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mr. Leg update

     I'm free again.  Mr. Leg is much better; I'm almost walking normally.  I took the dog for a short walk yesterday and fared well, but today I went twice as far and my leg felt the same as yesterday.  It's time to work my leg and ankle.  I don't really know how I know this...I just know it's time.  Yeah Mr. Leg!
     I love walking, I love walking, I love walking, I love walking, I love walking.......I feel like I have been let out of jail! 
     When I left the house this evening the sky was beautiful.  The east sky  was full of little puffy gray clouds starting to break apart.  Some of them reflected the lovely pink of the clouds in the west. So pretty!  It had been raining earlier, and there were storm clouds in the south.  The wet road was steamy near the surface.  It was so lovely!
     Now to see my granddaughter.....I'm so glad I can move!

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