Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Musioilarose about Mr. Leg

     Mr. Leg is pretty happy.  I began using DoTerra essentail oils on him ASAP after my fall Saturday morning. I have been applying them at least four times a day.  I have been using oils that should help with muscle, bone, tendon and ligament damage (I really wrenched it!).  The ones I have layered are frankincense, Aromatouch, marjoram, lemongrass and some wintergreen for bones.  Monday I began putting  DoTerra's fractionated coconut oil on my leg before applying the oils. Sometimes I add some geranium for bruising.  Starting Monday I have noticed more healing each day.  I have also been on 2 ibuprofen 4 times a day. My progress has been amazing.
     My slow hobbling with a cane has become a slow, funky walk with no cane.  Today I can get my walking shoes on again, and I can climb (not descend) steps normally. I spent about one hour on my feet in a huge grocery store this morning, slowly walking with my cart.  I tired out, but the walking seemd to be good for my leg.  I spent half an hour driving (yeah!).  When I got home I took a nap to rest my leg. He is doing fine.
     I'm pretty excited....maybe I can begin walking the dog again, carefully and slowly with gentle stretching (I'm being careful).  I just have to move.....I'm getting stir crazy!

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