Monday, August 19, 2013

Butterflies Ascending

     I just had a very sweet experience. To begin,  I have not felt well all morning.  It's depressing, and I've been fighting gloomy thoughts.  When I returned home from errands I worked on Etsy and then went to the kitchen for a light lunch.  Ralph Vaughan Williams' The Lark Ascending for violin and orchestra was playing on the family computer; my son had his personal playlist on while working.  I listened while eating and then went to the sink for a glass of water.
     I looked out at the very green backyard and noticed a cabbage butterfly fluttering about.  Then I noticed that the violin cadenza at the end of the piece had begun, and the butterfly fluttered with the music.  They were beautifully synchronized. Pretty soon two more joined in, and they fluttered and flitted about the yard while the cadenza continued.  As the music wound down, the butterflies left the yard one by one, and by the final note they were gone...... a gift left for me.
     The Lark Ascending is a beautiful composition.  I have posted a link below for your enjoyment.  I posted this version because some of the comments are wonderful...take time to read a few!

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