Monday, September 30, 2013


     The past few weeks have been emotionally stressful.  There have been many changes here, such as a visit to my oldest son and his little family, kids leaving for college, orchestral prep for fall, and my not-so-wanted friend named depression.  I've decided that I need to change some of my behavior this week so I can be happier. 
     One of the ingredients of happiness is gratitude.  In the past few days I have heard health concerns from people who are exactly my age to those who are 15 years younger.  The main concern is arthritis.  I have thought to myself, "I'm SO GRATEFUL I don't have that least not yet.  Everything still works, and my fingers can fly pain-free. Oh, thank-you for this blessing!".  And I thank the Lord again. 
     For the past two years I have been the librarian for a couple of area orchestras.  In one orchestra things run pretty smoothly; in the other I have more challenges, some of which are difficult.  I enjoy learning, and questions/issues in the latter group are good for me because of what I learn, but it really stretches me at times.  However, I notice that my brain is happier.  He is getting sharper!  I'm so grateful for that.  I'm also grateful for the increased connections I feel for these orchestras.  I don't need a lot of people in my life, but I do need to feel connected.  I enjoy the way these librarian jobs connect me to everyone without having to socialize much.  After the music part is done I get to join in and perform.  That's what I call a "cushy" job!
     I'm always grateful for my wonderful sons.  We live in a world that is very challenging to young people.  I am so grateful they have made good choices when it would have been much easier at times to do otherwise. 
     I'm grateful for my husband, my companion.  He endures a lot.  He is generous, strong, and so very intelligent.  Such a wonderful mind!  I've never met anyone like him.  I call him a whole-istic thinker.  He's a great problem solver. too.  And he is FEARLESS.  He loves Christ and has a strong testimony of him, both intellectually and spiritually.  He has been a good father, and I often attribute the steadfastness of my children to him.  Yes, dads are very important!
     Well, enough....I've got lots to do today.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Late summer surprise

     The area in which I live has been richly blessed with rain this year.  The trees are heavy with fruits and nuts and the grass is still a lovely green.  Some of our crab apple trees have done very poorly the past few years, dropping yellow leaves prematurely so that by September the trees are pretty bare.  This year fewer have turned and fallen.  The tree is still noticeably green and there are zillions of apples. My hydrangeas have finally decided to really grow.  And best of all---not many Japanese Beetles, who usually have demolished my roses by now.
     Most interesting of all is the absence of deer eating my roses.  They always make at least one trip to the front of the house and mow a few down.  The past few years the trip seems to be a mandatory trek in May or early June, just before they bloom.  But not this year...!  All summer they have stayed away.  It's been delightful.  Until yesterday.
     I mentioned the lack of deer attacks to my husband 2 days ago, on my birthday.  And the deer heard me.  They said "Oh---look what we forgot about!  Hey guys...let's go get some late birthday treats!".  Yesterday morning I had beautiful roses.  Yesterday evening 2/3 of them had been devoured.  An attack in broad daylight, in front of God and everybody.  What can I say.........BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cursed be those deer!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Things are not always what we think they are

     Lately I've been pondering ways in which nature mimics life and what we might be able to learn from that.  While on my parkway walk this morning I noticed this pine tree.
As I walked past it I could see that there was actually a pair of trees, the inner being completely hidden from my view at the moment I first noticed it.
      Life is not always what it seems.  Mortal perspective is limited; we are subject to time and space.  We can't see everything we need to know to fully understand some situations, ideas, personalities, etc.
     Our Father in heaven knows all.  If we trust God and move forward with faith, our limited perspective will expand in time.  The tree we know as one will multiply.  In the meantime, it's easier to keep an open mind about those things we just don't understand.

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