Monday, September 30, 2013


     The past few weeks have been emotionally stressful.  There have been many changes here, such as a visit to my oldest son and his little family, kids leaving for college, orchestral prep for fall, and my not-so-wanted friend named depression.  I've decided that I need to change some of my behavior this week so I can be happier. 
     One of the ingredients of happiness is gratitude.  In the past few days I have heard health concerns from people who are exactly my age to those who are 15 years younger.  The main concern is arthritis.  I have thought to myself, "I'm SO GRATEFUL I don't have that least not yet.  Everything still works, and my fingers can fly pain-free. Oh, thank-you for this blessing!".  And I thank the Lord again. 
     For the past two years I have been the librarian for a couple of area orchestras.  In one orchestra things run pretty smoothly; in the other I have more challenges, some of which are difficult.  I enjoy learning, and questions/issues in the latter group are good for me because of what I learn, but it really stretches me at times.  However, I notice that my brain is happier.  He is getting sharper!  I'm so grateful for that.  I'm also grateful for the increased connections I feel for these orchestras.  I don't need a lot of people in my life, but I do need to feel connected.  I enjoy the way these librarian jobs connect me to everyone without having to socialize much.  After the music part is done I get to join in and perform.  That's what I call a "cushy" job!
     I'm always grateful for my wonderful sons.  We live in a world that is very challenging to young people.  I am so grateful they have made good choices when it would have been much easier at times to do otherwise. 
     I'm grateful for my husband, my companion.  He endures a lot.  He is generous, strong, and so very intelligent.  Such a wonderful mind!  I've never met anyone like him.  I call him a whole-istic thinker.  He's a great problem solver. too.  And he is FEARLESS.  He loves Christ and has a strong testimony of him, both intellectually and spiritually.  He has been a good father, and I often attribute the steadfastness of my children to him.  Yes, dads are very important!
     Well, enough....I've got lots to do today.

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