Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Late summer surprise

     The area in which I live has been richly blessed with rain this year.  The trees are heavy with fruits and nuts and the grass is still a lovely green.  Some of our crab apple trees have done very poorly the past few years, dropping yellow leaves prematurely so that by September the trees are pretty bare.  This year fewer have turned and fallen.  The tree is still noticeably green and there are zillions of apples. My hydrangeas have finally decided to really grow.  And best of all---not many Japanese Beetles, who usually have demolished my roses by now.
     Most interesting of all is the absence of deer eating my roses.  They always make at least one trip to the front of the house and mow a few down.  The past few years the trip seems to be a mandatory trek in May or early June, just before they bloom.  But not this year...!  All summer they have stayed away.  It's been delightful.  Until yesterday.
     I mentioned the lack of deer attacks to my husband 2 days ago, on my birthday.  And the deer heard me.  They said "Oh---look what we forgot about!  Hey guys...let's go get some late birthday treats!".  Yesterday morning I had beautiful roses.  Yesterday evening 2/3 of them had been devoured.  An attack in broad daylight, in front of God and everybody.  What can I say.........BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cursed be those deer!

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