Saturday, September 7, 2013

Things are not always what we think they are

     Lately I've been pondering ways in which nature mimics life and what we might be able to learn from that.  While on my parkway walk this morning I noticed this pine tree.
As I walked past it I could see that there was actually a pair of trees, the inner being completely hidden from my view at the moment I first noticed it.
      Life is not always what it seems.  Mortal perspective is limited; we are subject to time and space.  We can't see everything we need to know to fully understand some situations, ideas, personalities, etc.
     Our Father in heaven knows all.  If we trust God and move forward with faith, our limited perspective will expand in time.  The tree we know as one will multiply.  In the meantime, it's easier to keep an open mind about those things we just don't understand.

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