Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Musings 28/A Beginning

     In preparation for a church class I attend, I have started reading the creation story.  I felt impressed with verse 3 of Genesis which states "And God asaid, Let there be blight: and there was light". What happened after the earth was created, before any life as we define it?  The power had to be turned on.
     I believe light is the power source of both physical and spiritual life.  The sun feeds the earth with the former, and the Light of Christ is a source of the latter.  
     It's hard to describe what the Light of Christ is; some call it our conscience.  Perhaps it is the source of our awareness of right and wrong and that unknown but sensed belief in God. Maybe some would define it as a light of goodness. In any case, if we recognize it and follow it, we will find light within ourselves, and we will want to share it.  I believe that eventually it will lead us to God.
     "Let there be light" implies that God does not want us to be in darkness all the time, both physically and spiritually.  Spiritual light can be discovered by looking for it; by believing it is and acting in faith.  We can do that through prayer, meditation, and studying Scriptures.  We are also aided by looking for the good around us and acting upon it; by being good!
     We also need to learn about God.  That entails studying the Scriptures; they are the best source for information about the nature of God.  A study of God will lead us to learning about his commandments to men and the need to follow them in order to fully know Him.  As we follow the Light of Christ in deed and thought, we can eventually experience the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) which will give us a firm witness of the reality of God.
      Oh, how we need more light!  I suppose my explanation here is very simplistic, but sometimes it's good to go back to the basics.  Basic truths form a strong foundation.

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