Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Musing 30-Repentance

     I have recently been pondering Adam and Eve's experience with guilt, and the hiding that followed.  When we do something wrong, our first instinct is often to hide it.  We feel shame and guilt.  The word isolation has been on my mind; we tend to isolate ourselves from God when we realize we are not living as we should. We go hide in the bushes, so to speak.  Pretty soon we get used to the isolation and  forget that we are  separated.  We might even begin to rationalize and justify what we have done in an attempt, conscious or unconscious, to make the guilt go away (another kind of hiding).  Some of us react this way to even little lapses in generally good behavior.  It might not be something we have done; it might be things we have neglected to do that drives us into the bushes.
     While pondering this I became aware of how this behavior is destructive.  It separates us from God.  It's bad enough that we have done something wrong (or think it's much worse than it is, in some cases); we  make our situation more lengthy and complicated when we separate ourselves from God.  Our river of personal growth is damned up.
     The Lord wants us to come to Him; the adversary encourages us to hide.  We need to come out of the bushes and move forward.  That takes faith.  That can be the start of repentance.  That's what the Atonement of Christ is for. 
     I found this wonderful article this morning while looking for LDS blogs.  It's a great explanation of what repentance is.

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