Sunday, August 31, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

       I  read reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy and saw the trailer.  I didn't have much interest in seeing it. I was unimpressed; it seemed goofy, especially the raccoon and tree. Silly stuff.  I began to think it might be fun after continually seeing good reviews, and last night our family saw it. 
       I was wrong.  I loved this movie.  There was some rough language and violence (close eyes), but it was very funny in places, and there was some heavy emotional content which gave depth to the story.  And those two characters I thought were silly?  The raccoon grew on me, but the real surprise was the tree guy.  Oh, what fabulous things the writers did to that character!  At first he seemed like a big, strong  doofus (he can only say three words, "I am Groot"), but as the story deepens he becomes the strength of this little band of outcasts.  One of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in a movie occurs as he sacrifices himself out of love for the group.  I won't tell you how (watch the movie), but it was very moving.  I'm still thinking about it.  It's worth seeing the movie just for this scene.

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