Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Other Side of the Story

    I have been following the big hullabaloo about the new Indiana law originally created to help protect religious freedom in Indiana.  I'm really tired of the power of the press to fuel whatever it thinks will generate shock and awe (or so it seems).  It's very sad to see headlines of major internet news sites focus on only one side of a story and help escalate to what amounts to the verbal stoning of a small pizzeria business.  Ridiculous. This is so childish; it's high school gossip.  We should be ashamed for allowing it to happen.  I suppose it has been done to generate money for the press. 
     Below are two links to articles that I think shed some light on what has happened in Indiana.  They are both very different from each other; one is about a gay couple who supported the pizzeria that was under attack; the other is from Meridian Magazine, an online magazine of LDS origin.




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