Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Musing 32: Inconvenient Truth

     Remember the book The Inconvenient  Truth by Al Gore, the full title of which reads An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It ?  The title occasionally pops into my head when I ponder the state of the world today, particularly society in the United States.  And I'm not thinking about global warming.
     One might say I'm thinking about other kinds of warming, such as discontent and anger.  The daily news is full of headlines and stories that involve offenses and contention.  I'm particularly disturbed by the seeming increase of group voices that seem to shout their offenses to the world.  It's becoming "the thing to do".  Our society, in it's desire to not offend and be fair, immediately (with help from the  media) looks for ways to appease the voices.  Unfortunately there often isn't firm moral ground from which to make decisions, and the very principles which could save us are labeled as offending.  I hate to contemplate how big this landslide of offenses and perceived inequality is getting and what will be destroyed in it's path.  Meanwhile the voices declare, "There is no landslide; we're just being authentic--true to ourselves! "   Uh,  wait a minute...duh!!  This is crazy (on a side note....I hate what has happened to the word authentic...I don't get it and I don't want to).
     The real inconvenient truth is not global warming; it's something much bigger.  It's the identity of the actual Creator of the earth, God,  and our relationship to Him. We are children of God, and God's  desire for us is to be happy.  What brings happiness?  Happiness is a state of being in which we follow God's counsel and directives for such; it results from following His counsel, His commandments.  It leads to accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ and trying our best to become Christlike in our behavior.  We grow and progress, which involves  giving up our sins (repenting), and experiencing increasing joy and happiness as we are accepting of the Atonement of Christ.  And yes, the way to happiness is perceived as very inconvenient by the sinner.  It's not easy to repent, but healing and joy come.
     I've been reading and studying the Book of Mormon. I'm on the third or fourth trip through it since almost 2 years ago.  Each time I have read it with a different purpose.  I have read and believed the Book of Mormon since I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but more and more I realize that I did not embrace it. 
     I'm on the path to do so, and I'm having an amazing experience.  Each time I read and study I become more grounded in my testimony that it is indeed Scripture. It complements the Bible.  It sheds light on the Bible.  And a bonus--it's much shorter and easier to read than the Bible!  I'm more and more convinced that anyone who believes otherwise has either a closed mind or hasn't read and  really studied the Book of Mormon (a plug here to undertake to really know the book).
     The Book of Mormon is full of counsel for our day.  The foremost message is to "Come unto Christ", but there is also much information about how to govern wisely, what dangers societies face, and how societies either progress or deteriorate until they are destroyed.  There are warnings about pride and the dangers associated with it.  There are beautiful stories about people from various walks of life who come to Christ, are converted, change their lives, and help change others, even societies, with the help of the Lord. There is an account of Christ's visit to America, and verses of Scripture that intimate He visited other peoples in addition to the Jews and the people of the Book of Mormon.
     The Book of Mormon is ignored and mocked by many people; unfortunately it's part of the Lord's Inconvenient Truth.  I'm working to embrace this book; I feel over and over again that it is a key to understanding what the Lord expects of us in this day of discontent and unhappiness.  It's a light to guide us. 

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