Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump Thoughts

     I told myself I would not post this, but I changed my mind. I just can't stand to watch what is happening and be silent. 
     Now about Mr. Trump and the American people.  I don't get it.  In fact, I'm very disheartened by what has happened in the Republican Presidential Primary.  And the Democrats---even worse.  A corrupt liar and an old Socialist?  Really?!
     How far "we the people" have fallen.  Where have our values gone?  What about a president who has integrity?  What about the qualities of proven faith in God and fidelity in marriage?  What about proven love and concern for the poor and needy?  Are we so tired of  Washington DC and political correctness that we get on any bandwagon that bashes it, fueling contention? Is fighting to beat a bad candidate a higher priority than choosing a  trustworthy, god-fearing, and competent person?   Have our choices as a people been more influenced by fear and anger than faith and hope?
     To me the presidential Primary has become not much more than a political war, fueled by the press and nasty campaigning.  Have we lost our minds?  We are choosing a possible president of the United States of America, once the greatest nation on the earth and a beacon of hope to all.
     What made America great?  The people made America great by the majority of them believing in God, living Christian principles (many of which are shared by other religions), and hard work, to name a few things. God blessed us for this, despite our flaws.  Now we are not only forgetting God, but increasingly rejecting Him.  As we do so we are left on our own to figure things out, and other values fill the void, such as political correctness.  Contention increases and faith and hope fade as we live in a society which has lost its direction.  We also become increasingly vulnerable as a nation, both from the inside and the outside. 
     In the midst of this enters Donald Trump, a man I believe can not be trusted.  He is duplicitous, for one thing.  I have heard that his public demeanor is different than his private one.  That means there are two Trumps, and whether or not I like one of them isn't the issue.  The problem is that there are two faces.  That is enough warning for me not to trust him.
     I also think Mr. Trump is lacking in the values that make a good president.  He does not love the American people above himself.  His heart is not that of a one who loves to serve others and his country.
     I believe a president needs to love God.  That means he lives a godly life as best he can.  He does not need to be perfect (no one is), but he will need his faith as president.  It will guide and strengthen him. He will also be a personal example to us, which I believe will strengthen our nation.
    So far I have seen no indication of this in Mr. Trump.  In fact, it's ludicrous to me to even entertain the idea of such. The language coming out of his mouth tells me otherwise.  True religion involves practicing what you preach and putting the Lord first in your life.  That's how it works.  I see absolutely nothing that tells me Mr. Trump loves God.
     A godly man is obviously not the only thing that qualifies a man to run for president, but I believe it is the most important.  Without this we risk electing someone who lacks the integrity and strength to lead us.
     I love my country so much.  It is grievous to watch what is happening.  Please study the issues and candidates carefully!  It's worth the time and effort.  Please don't give up on godly men.  Don't forget God; have faith!   Oh please, please, please............please choose a godly man or woman with integrity, and then look at the rest of the qualifications!  Our lives are at stake.

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