Friday, September 9, 2016

My Choice

     This election has been the start of an awakening experience for me regarding my duty as an American in choosing people to vote for.  The trigger for this was the choice of Trump or Clinton.  I have always been a loyal Republican, but I think both Trump and Clinton are horrible, shameful choices for president.
      As I have studied and pondered about whom to vote for, I've become more aware of what qualities make a good president, and what the voting process was originally intended to be.  I have felt a deep feeling of patriotism grow in me, and I now believe that my vote, in fact every American's vote, is very important.  It is worth much more than most of us realize.  In fact, we will be held accountable to God for how we vote.
      Feeling that I will be held accountable in heaven for my vote puts voting in a very different perspective than most people have.  The majority of people probably don't even believe in a God who cares whom we vote for.  As a Latter-day Saint, I have read and studied the Book of Mormon and have come to know that the United States of America is a special place which has been set aside as a place of liberty.  The Constitution, written by imperfect men, is nevertheless an inspired document.  I know this to be true as witnessed to me by the Spirit.
     When the majority of people worship Christ, the God of this land and world, we are blessed. When the majority forget and even reject Him, we lose those blessings.  We start depending on our own judgements rather than what God has to say.  And so we now have the presidential choices of Trump and Clinton, both unfit to lead this country.
     I can not in good conscience vote for either of these people. Voting for a good person is more important than who will win, no matter what.  If we all felt this way and had exercised some faith, Trump and Clinton would have given up their poiltical dreams many, many years ago. Unfortunately most people think it's too late for what I believe, but I'm going for it anyway.  It's the right thing to do.  I have learned that the USA was not meant to be the exclusive 2 party system it has become.  There are other choices today. Only fear, anger and ignorance stand in the way.  
    I believe that the most important qualification for president,  number one on the list, is good, strong character.  The candidate should be someone who loves God and has integrity.  He doesn't have to be perfect, but he needs to place a high value on doing what is right in the eyes of God.  He must love country more than himself.
     After a candidate is found who fits this qualification, we can look at other things such as knowledge, experience, etc.  I do not believe we can fully trust any candidate who does not put God first and walk the walk, so to speak.  Character, integrity and faith in and love of God are crucial for a president.  These qualities will enable him to withstand criticism and temptations of power, they will help him make sound decisions, and he will be a unifier instead of a divider.
     I think I have found such a man in Evan McMullin.  So far I like everything I hear from him.  He is young, confident, bright, and experienced.   He seems to be a godly man who loves this country more than himself.  I think he has his head on straight.  Below is a link to his site.  Please take the time to check him out.  If you like him, please consider voting for him.  He is a breath of fresh air!

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